• HypnotiK

    Hypnotik is our first mixtape project, created in collaboration with 9588HK. The music album takes the idea of the sleeping pill "hypnotic" and uses it to deliver the vibes of falling asleep. It features a total of 14 indie artists or bands from Hong Kong.​Each track on the album offers a unique sound, showcasing the diversity and talent of the Hong Kong music scene. From dreamy synth-pop to mellow acoustic ballads, Hypnotik is a captivating journey through the different facets of falling into a deep slumber.​We hope that this mixtape will transport you to a world of tranquility and relaxation,...

  • WePlay!

    WePlay! is the 2nd mixtape project collaborating with 9588HK. It is a project that aimed to deliver happiness during COVID-19. During the pandemic, many people have fewer chance to reunion. WePlay! encourages audience to find joy through music.


    Uncensored is a mixtape project released on 9 July 2023. Featuring a total of 8 indie artists and bands from HK and TW. A journey to explore your inner self and discover what is matter to you. A wide variety of genres ranging from soulful R&B to hard-hitting hip-hop and everything in between.