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Lucid Fuzzy - Where Do I Belong

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Lucid Fuzzy's debut EP: Where Do I Belong

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Where does one call home? And how far is one from it? The album leaves not an answer but an open end. Only through faintness and sonic resonances can the lost soul of Lucid Fuzzy seek its solace.

哪裡叫家?距離它有多遠?專輯留下的不是答案,而是開放的結局。只有通過音樂和聲音,Lucid Fuzzy 迷失的靈魂才能尋求到慰藉。

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Lucid Fuzzy

Artist: Lucid Fuzzy
Album: Where Do I Belong
Genre: Bedroom pop / Dream pop
Authorized and licensed by SEEAHOLE Limited
Manufactured by:

Findme Records
Released: 2021


  1. Hong Kong
  2. London
  3. Milan
  4. Uncertainty

Listen (Hong Kong):