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Made for an inner journey, relaxation and vibes for 🌿🧠🚗💤

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🌿🌈🌸 Soma Holiday: LSD Trip // Chill🌿🌈🌸

🌿 Soma is a recreational drug in Brave New World that the government encourages everyone to take soma as a way to increase the happiness and complacency of the population. 🌿 // Let's take a SOMO HOLIDAY, shall we? // 🌈🌸🌿

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🍪🌿🎢 Late Night Brownie: Intense, High & Long Lasting EXP. 🍪🌿🎢

A bite of 🍪 BROWNIE, shuffle this playlist, enjoy and stay calm, a roller-coaster trip that gets you an intense and long-lasting experience. 🎢 // Let's get high. // 🌿🪂🚀

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🧠🇭🇰🌿👁 屌你・腦霧:HK Indie // Chill Vibe🧠🇭🇰🌿👁

🧠🇭🇰🌿 Brain Fog // 腦霧 // Hong Kong Vibes 🧠🇭🇰🌿 Enjoy being sluggish and fuzzy with this HK's indie playlist.

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